Hey, I’m┬áSarah.

I like taking photos with old 35mm film cameras (mainly Pentax).

Walking, canoeing, cycling, vanlife, camping and always coffee.

Scotland, Brazil and beyond….


The countdown has begun. Come mid-October, Paul (The Husband) and I will be leaving our home in Scotland for 6 months.

A crap day at work, the legacy of a beautiful dog, lots of tears, wine and about 15 hours changed the course of our lives.

Destinations 2016/2017

France, Spain, Portugal, Bristol, Brazil.

If you like the following:

  • Film photography
  • Nature, landscapes and wilderness
  • Me and Paul (you are one of our friends and this summarises our travels rather than hear us waffling on about it on our return)
  • Me (because you are my Mum)
  • Paul (because you are his mum)

… then you may like this blog.