Winter on the Isle of Skye

Two dogs, one van and a roll of film.


We woke on the Sunday morning of our planned trip to Skye a few weeks ago to heavy snow in the village and cars struggling up the hill. My cold was abating but I was at the grumpy snotty stage and having walked the dogs we decided not to go. I would cancel my annual leave for Monday and Tuesday and head back to work. How miserable.

I had a brief conversation with a friend who was staying in Glen Coe who said the roads on the other side of Rannoch Mor were fairly snow free and I looked at my husband. He looked at me. ‘If I can turn the van around, lets go’. And he could. So we did.

Despite crazy road conditions my friend Jo was right and once over Rannoch Mor and into Glen Coe the roads were indeed easy going. The grey and white landscape and mountains closed in around us and the 5 hour drive to Skye was a winter wonderland.



Having been to Skye in summers nearly a decade ago and reading about the pressures the island faces through it’s popularity we chose to visit in winter and to stay at the only campsite open on the island, Uig Campsite. Winter was the perfect time it turned out. The ease of travelling, less people, popular tourists sites all to ourselves and surprisingly warm.


A beautiful walk onto the hills at Staffin. Spot the van.

We drove a lot. Don’t underestimate the size of Skye and the distance it takes to travel on the single track roads. But around every corner is a gem.

We walked a lot. Staffin, Talisker, Beaches and cliff walks.

We drank a lot of coffee. And wine.

I shot a roll of film. And here are some photos.

Perfect views of the Outer Hebrides
Sunset at Neist Point overlooking South Uist




It was a gentle trip. We weren’t climbing mountains only hills (try getting greyhounds up a mountain). We weren’t trying to visit everywhere, just taking turnings that felt right. I am quite sure the fresh air fixed my cold and the Golden Eagles that soared above the campsite every morning soon pulled me out of my morning edginess.

Skye in Winter. My type of place.

All taken on a Pentax 90-WR (35mm Fuji Superia extra 400 film).



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