Beautiful Brazil

My husband and I arrived in Brazil 4 weeks ago. As you’d expect from this country it has been a vibrant, crazy and whirlwind start to a 9 week adventure.

From the incredibly cosmopolitan and exciting city of Sao Paulo; the African vibes of Salvador; Rio stole our hearts but exhausted us with her heights; Paraty and the Serra da Bocaina National Park stole a little more and now we have arrived ‘home’ to Ilhabela.

We are staying here with my family for a few weeks, with what is my 7th visit to this island and country. The heat and humidity are clouding my recollection of all the people we have met, views we have soaked up and beaches we have bathed in. So, for now here is a little taster in pictures from the last few weeks. More stories and photos to follow.

Riding through the mountains above Paraty

N.B All these photos were taken on my Iphone 6s. However, the film cameras are out and I am hoping to find somewhere to develop them in Sao Paulo in a few weeks.

Beaches of Salvador
Rio beaches are ALL about people watching 
Cooling down
Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro 

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