The Beginning.

‘I am a congenital coward with a love of adventure – an awkward paradox.’ Ray Racy, 1950.

Holly may no longer be with us but she is still a big part of this trip
The T5


This is my first post to say hi and welcome, if you have stumbled upon it, or thank you, if I have forced you to read it. My husband, Paul and I are heading off travelling for nearly 6 months. Having had one too many glasses of wine on a windy, rainy, Scottish summer evening, he handed in his notice (my contract was about to end) and here we are. Van ready, suitcases packed, flat rented out and general hysteria (all me, Paul is a very calm person). Here is a little background to the beginning of an adventure.

My name is Sarah and I grew up with my bloody lovely family and shit loads of gorgeous friends (seriously they are all so drop-dead gorgeous I should open a modelling agency) in the city of Bristol. Years later, University at the age of 28 and a desperate need to work outdoors we finally moved to Scotland. I am a Ranger for one of Scotland’s National Parks in the summer and usually fumble around for work in the winter (path building one year, maternity cover in the ranger service the following).

My Grandfather, Ray Racy, and I had a lot in common. I am both terrified and over-excited about adventure. So this trip, which has been pretty spontaneous, has me pulled both ways. I am currently embracing all the changes…

The last few weeks have been chaos; organising our flat ready for our friend Lewis to move in; planning the Brazil section of our travels (that starts in January but as it will be the summer holidays there the sooner we book flights and accommodation the cheaper it will be); servicing and setting the van up; packing for Autumn in Europe, winter in Bristol and mid summer in Brazil; and then all the sad goodbyes and boring insurance details.

We started the first leg of the trip from Scotland down to Bristol (south-west UK) yesterday. An easy 8 hour drive with only one hiccup. Our beloved VW T5 Campervan started flashing an ominous looking light at us. We tried the age old ‘turn off / turn on again’ which worked (!) but to be sure she will be heading to the garage on Friday.

So next week we head to the continent, France, Spain and Portugal… Follow along.


4 years old Volkswagen T5 Transporter: We have owned her for 2 years and converted her ourselves into a camper. She has done lots of trips around Scotland but this is her first into Europe.

2 Bikes: 

Me:Trek 7.0 FX

Paul:Ridgeback Panorama

Kit list to follow. 

8 thoughts on “The Beginning.

  1. Awesome to hear you decided in the trip 🙂 Good luck! Look out for lovely geography and bore the hell out of people about physical landscapes!


  2. Wow Sarah, have a fab time! Look forward to hearing about your adventures – especially the Spanish leg! Not sure of your plans but I used to live in very central random Spain and there are some great places off the beaten track! Is there a way I can sign up so your blogs automatically so they appear on my news feed? Xxx


    1. Hi Kate, ooooo our trip is actually taking us through central Spain (just north of Madrid) so any cool spots you know would be great! When you log into the page it should give you the option on the bottom right to subscribe? Thanks xxx


      1. Awesome, think I’ve just signed up! Aw we used to live south of madrid in a town called cuidad real! We didn’t go to too many places north of madrid but perhaps you may pass through Segovia which is beautiful and famous for suckling pig! Have a fab time, look forward to the updates! Xxx


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